Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Warren Buffet smokes with that other Buffet, Offers Billionaire status to perfect Bracket

Warren Buffet has put it out there. He's offering up a chance for one person to instantly enter the tax bracket of milk and honey. Buffet will pay 1 Billion dollars to anyone,( race, creed, color, religion, or criminal background be damned) who can correctly pick every game in the upcoming NCAA Tournament in March.

Yeah, Warren Buffet just called your meager earnings from your office pool nothing. Basically, called all us hacks and 9-5ers scrounging up 20 bucks to throw down on a pool and giving up breakfast for two weeks because of it, a bunch of pussies.

In any event, seems appropriate that yet again, someone not on the floor playing the games is going to benefit financially from the tournament other than the kids playing.

'Merica. NCAA.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Blast from the past: 1985 16th Region Basketball featuring former UK Wildcat Mike Scott

Somebody found this little gem while surfing around Facebook tonight. It's the final minutes of the 1985 16th Region final between Greenup County and Boyd County. The game features former Kentucky Wildcat Mike Scott playing for GCHS.

11 years after consolidation created Greenup County High and the modern Boyd County High School.
Greenup ( I hope you are saying it as 'Green Up') County was created by bringing together Wurtland High School (Warriors), McKell High School (Bulldogs) and Greenup City (Tigers). The 3 rivals came together and made the new county school, hence the mascot being called 'Muskateer'. BCHS had previously existed, but also in 1974, they were merged with Catlettsburg Independent Schools, amid promises of a new school and better opportunities for Boyd County students. None of which happened. in 2013, a new high school was finally erected in Cannonsburg.  Boyd County basically continued on as always with the merger being more akin to a takeover or assimilation of a culture, and Catlettsburg became a footnote to progress.

Anyways, here is the game:

Friday, January 17, 2014

Horne grabs Red Devil Football Program by the Horns

Meet Sean Horne. Former middle school principle, current Russell Independent Schools Superintendent, and probably an alright guy.

Oh, he's also the guy who just booted Russell's iconic Head Football Coach out the door.

After 38 years, and making Russell relevant in Kentucky football, Ivan McGlone has been forced out as Head Coach. It was Horne who pulled the trigger.

You have to ask yourself though, what if it was time?

To a forward thinking superintendent, it was past due. Horne has attempted to get McGlone to accept the terms of not being on the sidelines for the Devils before. Matter of fact, he offered McGlone a tribute/send-off last season, with the point being that Horne was letting him know, in no uncertain terms, it was coming to an end. A new direction was going to be embarked on, and McGlone was not going to be leading them in that direction.

McGlone, said no.

After the completion of this season, Horne once more made that offer. McGlone could saddle up on his horse for one last hurrah and ride off into the sunset. However, under the terms he was offered, you know that Ivan was going to be looked at as just a symbol of Russell football being paraded and heralded on the sidelines. You have to figure that somebody else was going to be calling the shots under the guise of it still being McGlone's program. It wasn't going to be.

Once again, Ivan, said no.

McGlone's counter to Horne's offers and terms; Either he is the coach, or he is not. No happy middle. No waiving at people in the stands, no 50 yard line ceremonies before games with opposing coaches, no pictures of his face on game programs. No fuss. Either he was calling the plays, running that Wing-T, or nothing.

Nothing it is.

So there it is, it's over. No parades. No ceremonies. No commemorative shirts. Nothing.

The Ivan McGlone Era is done.

However, don't paint Horne out to be the bad guy here. He was doing and acting upon his feeling of what would be best for his school system, and for his athletic programs. That is his job. That is the job he was
in-trusted to do and one in which somebody obviously considered him qualified for.

He's doing it. He's is earning his salary. Unpopular decision? Maybe, but he's doing what he was hired to do.

Unfortunately for Horne, in the football crazed community of Russell, which is all thanks to the success and greatness of McGlone, he may only be remembered as the man who drove out their beloved hero. No matter what good he does for the school system during his tenure, this may be the only thing he will be remember for.

And that may be just as big of a travesty as the way Ivan McGlone was told, not asked, to leave Russell.

Oh, and whoever is named the next head coach? Good luck, pal.

The Ivan Era

Ivan McGlone amassed a record of 316 wins and 151 losses during his 38 years at the helm of the Red Devils since arriving in 1976. He is ranked 7th all-time in wins in Kentucky High School Football, and he has 2 State Titles to his credit while at Russell, the 3A Championship in 1978 and the 2A in 2005.

While he was there, Russell only experienced 5 losing seasons, won 44 playoff games, and went undefeated in both the 1994 and 2005 regular seasons. The Red Devils also enjoyed 6 straight double-digit win seasons.

Russell has not won more than 7 games in a season since 2008.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Still, No Excuse for NOT Boxing Out.

Fayetteville is a bitter memory now. We've moved on. We, no matter how crap-tastic the officiating was all night in the house of Wal-Mart against us, we ultimately didn't do what we could control: Free-throws and BOXING THE FUCK OUT.

When the time came, after two young kids showing that they could be clutch, take the big shot and make it, and have ice coursing through their veins, we failed at a basic principal of the game. Something you are taught in second grade, no matter how qualified your coach was at the glorified day care program that is elementary basketball practice. It's something that high school aged girls do, with a great deal of efficiency, by the thousands on any given prom night across America:

They put an ass on somebody.

We didn't.

No ass. None.

No Box out leads to put-back dunk. Put-back dunk leads to game over. Game over leads to Harrison twin altercation. Harrison twin altercation leads to Kentucky haters getting warm in the crotch and back on soap box. (Read that in a Yoda voice for dramatic purposes, but make sure you do it in a room in only which occupy you do.)
Arkansas sure does employ a lot of short-haired women security. And...the one in the back looks like Grumpy Cat.

Cats, let's stop this vicious cycle. Let's box out.

And, we still think Arkansas coach Mike Anderson looks like this:

The Aftermath of being a Folk Hero

Nothing has been posted in a minute or two on the blog, so I figured I'd go ahead and do this and beat some Kentucky Hate Group to the punch. A once 'unforgettable' Clay County boy, is Richie Farmer now an 'unforgivable' man of corruption?

Whatever your stance, Richie simply gave in to the dark side of being an elected official. Did he shame the people of the Commonwealth who voted him into his position of power, just because he wore the Blue and White? Let's be honest, that's the only reason he was elected. It was, in this state, the only platform you need to get an office with a really nice leather chair.

We did it to ourselves. It's not so much Richie's fault for being weak and unable to resist temptations, as it was ours for being whipped into an absolute frenzy when it comes to all things associated with our Cats, and putting somebody into an elected office that probably should have been running a basketball camp or having a chain of automobile dealerships. Once again, that is only possible because of wearing the Blue.

So, forgive and forget, or not. It's up to you.


Monday, October 21, 2013

It's Monday, and you may need the motivation to finish the day

This is 8 cups of Colombian and two shots, at least, of concentrated adrenaline for your Monday morning...

Sunday, October 20, 2013


Each spring, the Castellinis send out nice, warm little letters to members of the Cincinnati Reds mailing list that reaffirm the family's commitment to building a winner and maintaining a winner in the Queen City. Recent rumors that they are going to trade away Brandon Phillips, an MVP caliber player and the best defensive 2nd bagger in the game, for Dan Uggla, a good and solid 2nd Basemen, however one who was not on the Braves (Brian McCann's butt-hurt over everything Braves) post-season roster, in a straight up swap for the two middle infielders, shows that the commitment they claim to have to the fan base of the Redlegs, isn't there at all.

Shop Cueto, dangle that Captain Canuck carrot in front of some teams, but seriously don't trade Phillips straight up, for anyone. I could handle them trading Phillips, I root for laundry not the name attached to it. However, let's not trade him away for Dan Uggla, straight up.

I'd like to think that we could get more out of Phillips than the second coming of a slightly more-apt Glenn Hubbard. At least throw us a bone and make it a package deal and throw the veil over our eyes with some young talent who will undoubtedly bust, but let us have the allusion for a few seasons that we got the better of sending BP away.

 If you haven't noticed, yeah, I'm still bitter about our post-season performances that last few years. At least, though, we aren't the Cubs.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

64/60 2013 Keeper Eligible Players

Argumentative 9irons- 1. Pujols, 2. Kinsler, 4. Halladay, 5. Posey, 6. Konerko, 7. Utley, 8. Werth, 9. Shields, 10. Moore, 11. Fowler, 12. Machado, 13. Brown, 14. Sanchez, 16. Axford, 18. Milone, 19. Garrett Jones, 20. David Murphy, 21. Sale, 22. Flowers

BCFP- 3. Hamilton, 3. Jackson, 4. Pedroia, 5. Sandoval, 6. Rollins, 7. Hosmer, 8. Napoli, 15. Wainwright, 16. Nathan, 22. Balfour

Seal Team 41129- 1. A Gon, 2. Cain, 3. Holliday, 5. Carlos Santana, 6. A. Jones, 6. Jennings, 7. Weaver, 7. Lester, 12. A. Escobar, 13. Hellickson, 14. Parker, 18. Avila, 19. Cobb, 19. Myers, 20. Profar, 27. Trout

Takeover- 1. Votto, 2. Longoria, 4. Molina, 5. Andrus, 6. Rios, 8. Dickey, 9. Peavy, 10. Willingham, 11. Papelbon, 13. Garza, 16. Romo, 17. Soriano, 19. Crisp, 20. Scutaro, 21. Ruiz, 26. Lowrie

Mashers- 1. Tulo, 2. Ellsbury, 3. Headley, 4. Mauer, 5. Zobrist, 6. Bourn, 7. A. Cabrera, 8. Victorino, 9. Lincecum, 10. Lucroy, 11. Ortiz, 12. Alvarez, 13. Gomez, 14. Cuddyer, 16. Lynn, 18. Reed, 21. Cole, 22. Kuroda, 23. Encarnacion

Emanski- 1. Kemp, 2. Reyes, 3. Hernandez, 4. Gonzalez, 5. S.Perez, 6. Price, 7. Medlen, 9. Crawford, 10. Bailey, 11. Cespedes, 12. Marte, 13. Morneau, 14. M. Young, 15. R. Soriano, 16. Rivera, 19. McCann, 23. Miller

Stars- 1. Cano, 2. Fielder, 2. Granderson, 3. Howard, 5. Aramis Ramirez, 6. Trumbo, 7. Hunter, 8. Strasburg, 9. Kennedy, 10. Swisher, 11. CJ Wilson, 12. Pierzynski, 13. Segura, 14. Burnett, 16. Edwin Jackson, 24. Ruggiano, 25. D. Holland, 26. AJ Ellis, 27. Lohse, 28. Moreland

HGH+ - 1. Kershaw, 4. Wright, 5. Kipnis, 6. Bumgarner, 7. Wieters, 8. LaRoche, 8. Gallardo, 9. Goldschmidt, 10. Alexei Ramirez, 13. Doumit, 17. Johnson, 20. Robertson, 20. Street

GTV- 1. Butler, 3. J. Upton, 4. Darvish, 4. Hamels, 5. Phillips, 7. Rosario, 9. Freese, 10. C. Davis, 11. Hardy, 12. Beltran, 13. Aoki, 14. Rodney, 18. Perez, 19. Janssen, 25. Cozart, 30. Masterson

Walls- 1. CarGo, 2. Stanton, 3. Castro, 4. Zimmerman, 5. Lee, 6. Martinez, 8. Samardzija, 9. Ichiro, 11. Harvey, 12. Seager, 13. Gyorko, 14. Markakis, 15. De Aza, 16. G. Holland, 17. Perkins, 26. Frieri, 27. Craig

PEDophiles- 2. Hanley, 3. McCutchen, 4. Bruce, 4. B. Lawrie, 5. Greinke, 7. Pence, 8. J. Zimmerman, 11. Prado, 13. N. Walker, 14. Ryu, 15. Scherzer, 20. Hamilton, 30. Chapman.

Free Hat- 1. Cabrera, 2. Choo, 2. Verlander, 3. Beltre, 4. Gordon, 5. Freeman, 6. Harper, 8. Latos, 11. Altuve, 12. Ethier, 14. Morales, 16. Minor, 18. Simmons, 19. Desmond, 27. Rizzo, 27. Benoit